SI Mobile Alerts

The Smithsonian Institution has implemented a Mobile Alerts system for staff, volunteers and affiliates.
In a critical emergency, Smithsonian Mobile Alerts will be used to send voicemail messages and emails to registered participants. Smithsonian Mobile Alerts is intended to supplement this Web site and other forms of SI-related emergency communciation.

Complete the User Registration Agreement

step 1

    • Click the “Register” Button.
    • Review the User Registration Agreement and click the “I agree” radio button as appopriate.
    • Indicate your agreement by checking the two boxes related to privacy and carrier fees.

Register for Mobile Alerts

step 2

Smithsonian Mobile Alerts uses an automated telephone call to the number provided and/or an email to the address provided in this section. This allows you to be informed if the Alert is distributed during non-work hours. Contact information for this step is collected in three Tabs. You must click on each tab to fill-in the corresponding information:

User Information Tab

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Preferred Email ** This will also become your Login ID **
    • Password ** unique to Mobile Alerts ** Type password again in the Confirm Password box.
    • Type the random-generated Security Code as it appears on screen.

Contact Information Tab

    • Emergency Phone Number ** A mobile telephone number is recommended. **
    • Emergency Email Address ** This is the email you prefer to be used to receive emergency messages. **

Additional Information Tab

    • Location -- please select your primary duty location from the drop-down menu. This is necessary for Smithsonian Mobile Alerts.




You may elect to enroll in three OPTIONAL alert services:

    • SAO Alerts — Notification of emergency building closures, inclement weather closures, and general announcements for the SAO Cambridge area.
    • Shuttle Alerts — Notification of delays in staff shuttle operations in the Washington, DC area.
    • NY Alerts — Notification of operational changes and closures, and general announcements for Smithsonian operations in New York City, NY.

    Please note: Enrollment in these services is an optional add-on to your Smithsonian Mobile Alerts service. By registering, you will automatically be enrolled in Smithsonian Mobile Alerts.


      • Once you have filled-in the information on all three tabs, click Submit. You will be directed to a Verification Page. ** If you have not entered all required information, you will be see a list of all missing information. **


    step 3

    You will receive an email to verify your email address. You must click the link provided in the email to complete your registration.

    How to Change your Contact Information

    change your information

    Select "Login" : I would like to change my contact information

      • Enter the email address/user ID you entered originally.
      • Enter the password you created during registration.

    Make the necessary changes.

      • Make any desired adjustments using the tabs as described above.
      • Click Save.

    How to Cancel Your Account

    cancel your account

    A pop-up window will ask for confirmation that you'd like to deactivate your account.